American Blackjack


of course, all of this also applies in the well -known game American Blackjack from the developer betsoft. this software producer has recently been waiting more and more often with flawless and extremely successful table games. and so it is not really surprising that this slot machine game is a real hit.

Blackjack in its best form

This game is of course about the number 21 - and about how to hold this number as much as possible, as a sum of your own cards, at the end of the respective round. The course of the online games is the following:

  • Cards get: First, 2 cards per hand are distributed, which you can see.
  • Split option: After you have seen your own card, and also one of the two dealer cards, you can choose the Split option. You have the opportunity to return a card and get a new one.
  • Pull cards: After that, it is important to pull playing cards until you get as close to the 21. However, you do not want to exceed them - into special way when you play American Blackjack slot machines with real money. Because then everything is lost.
  • Evaluation: In the end it is evaluated who is closer to the 21 - the dealer or the casino player.

How best to win here

Basically, as a player, you have the chance to win these games online in casinos because you know exactly how the dealer behaves. This must play according to fixed rules. As long as its cards have a maximum value of 16, he must record another card. However, if he has reached the 17 or goes beyond the 17, it is not allowed to record further cards.

As a player, on the other hand, you naturally have a completely free hand and can decide for yourself how best to increase real money or play money here.

Basically, you can play the game in two different modes:

  • Free: As can be expected from a reputable game, you can also play American Blackjack for free and therefore just see if this game is the right one. Above all, you can relax optimally. However, no real money gains are of course possible.
  • With money: for free gaming is too boring, or if you are really familiar with the game, you should of course play in real money mode. You can clear up really big. You should know the quota of 3: 2 for blackjack and the possibility to choose an insurance, which a 2: 1 quota results. Number of regular profits 1: 1.

Our advice on this game

Game American Blackjack Casino slot machine games is best now in one of the many casinos online that offer this game. There is hardly a simpler, yet exciting game.

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