500% Casino bonus at first deposit

Most online casinos receive new customers with a welcome gift: there is often 100% to 250% of the first deposit as a new customer bonus. A 500% casino bonus is a real rarity. The providers try to stand out from the uniform porridge with such high bonus sums and to inspire the customer for their own services. If you use a 500% casino bonus, you can get started directly with a large start -up capital without having to pay too much.

Deposit to get 500% bonus in the online casino

The online gaming market is very competitive. The lucrative business always attracts new providers and the established virtual casinos always have to come up with something to keep customers on the pole. This creates such crazy -sounding offers as a 500% casino bonus.

With such a bonus, you will receive the five -time sum of the first deposit as a bonus. So if you deposit $ 100, you will receive $ 500 and start a total of $ 600. The high percentage makes such welcome bonuses to extremely interesting offers. However, as with every bonus, it depends on how the conditions are specifically designed. But you will find out more later.

In addition to classic deposit bonuses, where you can get a certain percentage of the first deposit as a bonus, free spins are also increasingly being offered. Combinations of a 150% casino bonus and free spins can also be found again and again. With such a high percentage as 500%, on the other hand, you rarely get free spins on top, because the actual deposit bonus already has it all.

How do you recognize a good online casino with 500% bonus?

Basically, it is never a good idea to simply plunge into the next best bonus just because the offer sounds tempting. Of course, the providers also want to limit their own risk and provide particularly high bonus sums such as a 400% bonus or a 500% casino bonus with demanding sales conditions. With every bonus, whether free spins, starting credit or deposit bonus, you first have to meet a fixed sales factor before you can pay the money.

To get an overview of whether a 500% casino bonus is worthwhile, you should read our casino test reports in which we take a close look at the providers and their bonuses. Nothing is more annoying than paying in an online casino with unfair conditions, even if there were significantly better alternatives.

Some online casinos include clauses in the bonus conditions that make it almost impossible to implement the bonus. A very common combination is, for example, a limitation of the valid operations to a low amount and also a short bonus period. If the sales factor is a bit higher, it will be scarce by implementing it alone. So that you are spared such unsightly surprises, we explain the bonus conditions in our respective casino reviews and give an honest conclusion.

Before the selection of the best bonus, you should first check essential factors such as the presence of a valid happiness. With all the casinos we present to you, you can be sure that it is a serious and reliable company that has a lucky license. Such a licensing is associated with requirements for the online casino and the supervision by the respective authority. Many online casinos are licensed in Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao or USA.

In addition, the optics and functionality should of course also appeal to you. Before you deposit and use a 500% casino bonus, you should first look around on the page and examine the following aspects:

  • Is the page visually appealing? Do I find my way around quickly and is the clarity satisfactory?
  • What is customer service? Are there any restrictions on opening hours and how can you support?
  • What is the selection of the games? Are well -known providers represented and is the variety large enough? The best bonus doesn't help you if you can't play the best slots.

If all of this fits, as I said, you should also take care of the bonus conditions. You don't always recognize a good offer from the fact that it promises the highest percentage surcharge or an incredible bonus amount. However, a 500% casino bonus can of course be attractive if the sales conditions fit.

Conditions for a 500% casino bonus

In our tests, we describe the conditions that apply to the individual offers and make extreme care so as not to overlook anything. On your own interest, you should also read the bonus conditions before you get started. You should understand exactly how much you have to use, which period is available to you and what else you have to consider.

One of the most important aspects in assessing a doctorate is that Sales factor. The following example should underline its importance:

Suppose you would deposit $ 50 with a 200% Casino bonus. A start credit of $ 150 would result from $ 50 deposits and $ 100 bonus. For example, a very attractive bonus offer could now tell you to implement the bonus amount 25 times. In total, they would have to place $ 2500 in missions before they could apply for the payment of the credit. However, if the sales factor, however, is 40 times, which actually occurs much more often, you would have to play a total of $ 4,000 before a payment would be considered. So you see what a huge difference the sales factor can make. Often offers with high bonus greats have less attractive sales factors. However, you can play with a stately credit and make big profits, which is rather difficult for smaller bonus sums.

Most providers also stipulate which Period Remains for the implementation. This provision can grant you for several months or only a few days. If you don't have too much time to implement the bonus promptly, you should choose an offer with a more generous period.

Most offers are simply unlocked by one Deposit at a qualifying amount make. As a rule, you only have to exceed a certain minimum deposit. However, some bonuses require one Bonus Code. You must then enter this either when registering or when depositing. If you need such a bonus code, you will always find out on our side.

Many online casinos do not leave the implementation of the bonus money in all play to. In order to find out which games are not qualified for implementation, you only have to browse briefly in the conditions. For example, slots with a particularly high RTP (payout rate) are often not approved. Operations in table games are often not or only partially counted.

Commitment limits are a problem, especially for high rollers. Such a clause specifies that, for example, only operations up to $ 1 are qualified for the implementation of the bonus money. If you only have a small bonus at the start, this is not the end of the world, but especially with a 500% casino bonus, this is a nuisance.

In our experience, it is best if you compare the available bonus offers in detail and then choose one. If you find several offers interesting, you can still use another after using the first bonus offer.


As a rule, you have to use the same method for payment with which you have also made the deposit. That should prevent money laundering. It may also be that the full range of payment methods is not available when you pay. For example, the popular Paysafecard allows uncomplicated deposits for some providers, but this method cannot be used for payouts. In these cases, you often have to fall back on the classic bank transfer.

In order for the payment to be done smoothly, the bonus must of course have been implemented. When registering, you should also make sure that you truthfully enter all data. Otherwise there may be problems with the payment. The provider will check your data and usually request various evidence of you for verification.


Especially with such rare offers as a 500% casino bonus, you can also overlook the fact that not all payment methods are available for deposit. It is best to refer to the conditions whether the respective provider specifies limits for the payment and from which sum can be deposited.

Pro & Vom 500% Casino

Pro Contra
Fantastic percentage surcharge Often less attractive conditions than, for example, in a 150% casino bonus
Large bonus amount with a comparatively low deposit Newcomers can take over with a large bonus if they underestimate the implementation
You have more scope when choosing the missions than with a small bonus (if there is no application limit at the provider)

A short guide on how to get the 500% bonus

You can start with your 500% casino bonus in a few minutes if you have done the following steps:

  • Choose a casino with a 500% bonus. Pay particular attention to the bonus conditions and do not ignore other aspects such as the selection of the game and the look of the page.
  • Register via our link.
  • Select a payment method and make your first deposit.
  • Make sure to enter the bonus code if there is one. We always inform you when you need a bonus code.
  • The 500% casino bonus should be credited to your account in a few moments. If there is a rare technical error, the customer service of the page will surely help you.

Alternatives to a 500% casino bonus

A welcome offer in which the first deposit with a surcharge of 500% is increased is certainly the exception rather than the rule. Most of the time, the level of difficulty increases in terms of sales when factors such as bonus amount or percentage surcharge are particularly high. So it can be worthwhile to take a closer look at a 300% casino bonus or a 400% casino bonus. Even with a 100% bonus, you shouldn't look straight away, because here too there are great offers to discover.

Otherwise there is also the possibility to dust off free spins. However, one is mostly limited to the given slot. The profit from the free spins is credited as a bonus money, which must then be implemented. There are often free spins in combination with a classic deposit bonus.

For players who do not want to take any risk, a casino bonus without a deposit (No Deposit Bonus) can be the right one. After registration, you get freely or a small starting credit without risking your own money. However, the monetary value of such offers is usually low and the chances of gaining real money are not exactly exhilarating. The providers make it more difficult to implement the bonus money with such offers with extremely demanding sales conditions.


For players who love extraordinary offers and looking for a high percentage surcharge, a 500% casino bonus is just the thing. However, you should never blindly plunge into the action and check the bonus conditions at least briefly before making a deposit.

Frequently asked questions about 500% casino bonus for first deposits

Which casinos can you get a 500% deposit bonus?

A bonus with such a high serve is not exactly common. Some providers actually attract new customers with such promotions. We took the trouble and listed all reputable providers in our provider table. So you quickly have an overview and can immediately familiarize yourself with the conditions.

Can you also use a 500% bonus as a mobile player?

Most providers no longer differentiate between players on the smartphone or tablet and players on the PC. Therefore, you can usually unlock such bonuses on the mobile device.

Can you take a 500% bonus several times?

No, unfortunately that will not work. But it would also be too beautiful to be true. A bonus can normally only be used once per name, IP address and household. However, you can of course open an account with other providers and use their bonus offer.

Which 500% casino bonus is the best?

Unfortunately, there is no egg -laying wool milk sow in the world of casino bonuses. Whether a bonus is the right one depends on the preferences of the player. For example, risk -loving players should choose other promotions than risk -new players. And high rollers usually do not use the same offers as players with a small budget.