200% Casino bonus for first deposits

Die most online casinos offer their new customers a bonus. The rule here is bonus amounts of 100% on the first deposit, sometimes there is also a bonus for the second, third or even fourth deposit. But a 200% casino bonus has become rather rare. But there is still this type of bonus. We started looking and found casinos with 200% bonus on many portals.

But we do not leave it with a simple list of providers who have such a welcome package on offer. But we also address that the casinos link different conditions with this bonus. Not all bonuses are easy to implement, some conditions are better, some worse. We show what should definitely be taken into account.

The best online casinos with 200% deposit bonus

200% Bonus Deposit Welcome bonus Pick up bonus
Hotline Casino
Up to 200% or 100 free spins for 1 deposit
200% up to 400$ s + 120 free spins
200% bonus up to 200 $ + 100 free spins + 50 free spins without a deposit

Casino Bonus 200% primarily means that the new customer is rewarded for his first deposit with a doubling of the amount. Specifically: Anyone who deposits a 200% casino bonus in a gaming portal will get another 200% of the sum for playing. For example, if you make a deposit of 100$ s, you will receive 200 $ as an incentive.

But that is usually not all. Some casinos attract new customers with free spins for certain slots. As an example, we take the Wild Jackpots Casinos offer: Here is a deposit bonus of 200% up to $ 50 and 30 free spins for the slot "Book of Dead". The customer pays $ 25, receives an additional bonus amount of $ 50 and the freespins. Thus, the player starts with $ 75 starting credit and can try his luck at “Book of Dead” a total of 30 times free of charge.

Conditions of the Casino Bonus 200%

The bonus conditions are crucial for the quality of the respective offer. Because they are different for every casino. This also emerges from our table, because the offer does not always refer to the first deposit. Some casinos, such as LV Bet, are about the second, third or fourth deposit. So it is crucial that customers read the bonus conditions before making a deposit.

There are some other things that should be paid to:

  • Number of runs for free spins the bonus
  • Height of the minimum deposit
  • Excluded payment providers
  • Bonus conditions for the free spins
  • Restrictions on the games
  • Weighting of the games
  • Time granted to free the bonus
  • The maximum payable profit

Every new customer should be clear that the bonus amount cannot be paid out again. Otherwise, Casino players would be able to be enough by registering in every online casino, tapping the bonus and having everything paid out again without fun and fun. However, since casinos have nothing to give away, the bonuses are linked to conditions. The most important thing is the sales conditions. This means that the bonus and the winnings achieved can only be paid out if the bonus amount has been used in the casino. The number of sales differs from Casino to Casino. In addition, the use of certain games can be restricted with the bonus. More is described in the bonus conditions.

The free spins are also subject to certain conditions. These concern the amount of the operation and the maximum achievable profit. In addition, some casinos exclude certain payment providers, so that the first deposit is only possible with certain payment services. The time is also a crucial factor: the players have a certain number of days to meet the bonus requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages of the bonus 200%

A 200% Casino Bonus 2022 has many advantages:

  1. Such a high percentage is not common in most casinos. The doubling of a deposit is a factor that should not be underestimated when choosing a new gaming portal. This gives the customer a lot more opportunities to put the new platform through its paces. The season is significantly extended and the risk is lower.
  1. Another advantage with a Casino Bonus 200% is the occurrence of additional offers that are linked to the bonus. Free spins are welcome and increase the chances of being a profit in the end. In most cases, the freespins refer to well -known and popular slots from different providers. This gives the player the opportunity to try out the corresponding slot machines and get to know the game mechanics.

But we also do not want to hide the disadvantages of such a doctorate. The motto applies here: the higher the percentage of a bonus, the more difficult the sales conditions will be. This can be noticeable in many ways, but above all in the number of sales required. In addition, the amount of the possible deposit is usually limited.

The most important thing is that every potential new customer deals with the bonus conditions. These are not always visible, sometimes you have to click a little through the offer to be able to view the exact sales conditions at online casinos with 200% bonus.