2 Ways Royal


experienced poker fans and casino players not only dominate the famous poker face, but also know that players have two ways to reach a Royal Flush in this poker game, namely with the "lo" or the "hi" variant.

Two ways for a royal flush

Variant one, the low royal flush is a sheet of low cards. In this case, the cards are two, three, four, five and six. This variant is just as much worth this as the conventional Royal Flush or the HI variant with a card sheet with high numerical values such as ten, Bube, lady king and ass.

Casino game poker

The game 2 Ways Royal Casino slot games is played with a standard card sheet and does not contain any jokers. So poker in the video version is quite rapid and quick, but also very easy. The players on the slot machine close a bet, start the game and receive the cards, hoping to have good cards. New cards for placed cards can also be recorded. The game automatically suggests cards if there could be a good option for a sheet. The lowest chance of winning is Jacks. The RTP is of course also higher in the event of a larger bet.

Bonus rounds and features

2 Ways Royal also enables the player to trigger bonus rounds that are triggered every time Gambler reach a profit combination. The user can reject the offer and collect maps again. A special feature for all gamers is that other video poker games offer games. However, if the user plays 2 Ways Royal, he can increase by half. The interesting bonus features are also simple. The casino player accidentally takes an upturned card with one ideally has a higher value than the card, which is open on the table. In this way, users can double to up to 100 coins. Is it enough for the jackpots?

Average in terms of optics

2 Ways Royal from Playtech is an exciting online poker game, but only has average in terms of graphics. In addition, there are no extraordinary bonus rounds. As the jokers are missing, there are no game options with an exciting random factor. Nevertheless, the concept is coherent and completely satisfactory. Especially for beginners, 2 Ways Royal slot machines with real money can safely take a taste of here and can get to know the video poker. In addition, as for many other online games, no elaborate download is necessary for the game.

Popular online poker

Online poker is one of the most popular games of the online games and so 2 Ways Royal is a great version of video poker, which you can also play for free. The game is particularly suitable for beginners to get to know the world of slot machines and 2 ways online in casinos online. Playtech offers a solid poker game for experienced and new players.

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