10 free spins without deposit immediately available

Today, online casinos are known to offer new customers generous bonuses. You get these free spins with real money without any consideration. The special thing: real money free spins mean that you can win real money here, just like at a slot machine in the snack bar. The only difference is that you do not have to invest your own money with these free free spins.

You do not enter into any obligations, but there is an important restriction: you must never have been a customer of the respective casino. When choosing the 10 free spins bonus from our list.

New online casinos with 10 free spins without a deposit

online casino Free spins without deposit Bonus info Pick up bonus
Bizzo Casino
10 free spins without a deposit 150% with up to 400 $
2 10 free spins Mit Bonuscode: Holly10 For Hollywood
only for 🇦🇹 and 🇨🇭
Bob Casino
10 free spins without a deposit for Book of Aztec
4 10 free spins without a deposit for Book Of Dead
National Casino
10 free spins without a deposit for the registration
10 free spins without a deposit for Starburst Xxxtreme
7 10 free spins without a deposit
only for 🇦🇹
Wild Tokyo
10 free spins without a deposit for Sakura Fortune
10 free spins without a deposit
10 10 free free spins without a deposit for Wolf Gold Slot
11 10 free spins after registration No max. Bet ▪️ Max. Payout height 50 $ ▪️ for Book Of Dead
12 10 free spins without a deposit No max. Bet ▪️ Max. Payout height 50 $ ▪️ for Book Of Dead
13 10 free spins after registration No max. Bet ▪️ Max. Payout height 50 $ ▪️ for Book Of Dead

Well, 10 free spins without a deposit may seem relatively little to them at first, but there is a little secret behind these 10 freewheels that we will of course ventilate for you.
So if you are curious, how this bonus works, how you get it and what the secret is behind these free spins - then read on.

Pro & Contra- the advantages and disadvantages of the 10 free spins bonus

Pro Contra
✔️ Particularly easy to use ❌ Less spins, i.e. less free playing time in the casino
✔️ A way to get to know the provider up close ❌ Occasionally not usable on all slot machines
✔️ Particularly player -friendly bonus conditions ❌ not available in all casinos
✔️ Often also available in exclusive casinos

Why does an online casino offer 10 free spins without a deposit at all?

"Whoever gives is given". The credo of the online casinos could be something like that. But fun aside. Perhaps you know this yourself. Studies have shown that customers at Amazon prefer offers with free delivery. Even if the price is the same at the end. As a customer and as a person, you simply feel worth more valued when the online dealer is recognizable with a small gesture. The same applies to online casinos. The players appreciate it immensely when an online casino thanks a small real money bonus for the trust they have placed in them and interests.

It is not for nothing that they say small gifts. The casinos tell them with the 10 free spins: “You are welcome with us. We don't just want your money, we also want to offer you first -class service and welcome you as long -term customers. ”

So it is a warm invitation to all new customers to be curious, just to take a look into the casino and look around. And as a small thank you for the interest, there are said 10 real money free spins, from which you can win real money.

The hope of the casinos behind it is, of course, that some of the curious people later become loyal and enthusiastic customers. But that is the future music.

Important for her

For you personally, it is only relevant that this is an uncomplicated way to get to know a new online casino under real real money without having to deposit your own money. And with Fortuna's help you may also win a small sum, but that shouldn't be your main drive.

Rather, we recommend that you use this option to experience the respective casino from the inside live, to take a close look at the selection of the games, to test support and performance, as well as to check out promotions, offers and extras to feel a feeling to develop whether this casino could suit you.

Why "only" 10 free spins?

As you certainly know, there are many online casinos that offer your new customers significantly more than "only" 10 free spins without a deposit.

Now ask yourself whether it is not better, one Bonus with more free spins to claim something. And the thought is perfect.

However, there is a little secret to the free spins that very few talk about.

Because free spins are not the same as free spins.

There are three things that decide how "valuable" free spins are.

  1. In most cases, the free spins on particularly profitable slot machines must not be used. These are slot machines with a particularly high RTP (return to player).
  2. Whether the money won in the end really ends up in your pocket depends on the bonus conditions. These so -called bonus conditions are usually much easier to meet in a bonus with "only" 10 free spins. This increases their chances of really paying a bit.
  3. We already said it, free spins are not the same as free spins. Because free spins can be worth a lot of value. Most of the time, particularly low game missions are preset in free spins. These are then in the lowest cent area.

So you get 10 free spins in the casino without a deposit

Now you already know a lot about this bonus, good and good. But we have not yet answered the most important question, namely: "How do I get 10 free spins without a deposit in the casino?"

The good news first: it is child's play and goes in no time.

The bad news: You are spoiled for choice, because we have compiled all serious and recommended bonuses here, in which you get 10 free spins when registering without a deposit.

Of course, this is not bad news, but means nothing more for you than that you are welcome to take up more than just one of these bonuses - you are spoiled for choice.

Because it is about trying out different online casinos until you like one that you don't want to get to know any more.

So now step by step how to get the 10 free spins when registering without a deposit.

Our step-by-step instructions for your 10 free spins

  • Find yourself from our list with the 10 free spins bonus offers that awakens your interest. Maybe you will discover a casino there that you always wanted to try, otherwise just see which casino awakens the curiosity with you.
  • Click on the link. Now they are forwarded to the casino and the associated bonus.
  • In rare cases, the bonus offer also has a bonus code. Then write down this.
  • Since the 10 free spins are a new customer bonus without a deposit, they are now asked to register briefly. Your name, your age and your email address are enough. Alternatively, you can also use your mobile phone number. Of course, you do not have to enter account data or other personal data. So it is a completely non -binding registration.
  • Confirm your email address or verify your mobile phone number. The registration process is already complete. The whole thing does not take longer than 2-3 minutes.
  • Now log in to the casino. The 10 free spins without a deposit should now be activated automatically. In a few casinos, you now have to activate the 10 free spins without a deposit with a click in the bonus area or, if necessary, enter the noted bonus code. However, this is rarely the case these days.
  • Now the 10 free spins without a deposit are activated immediately. Choose a slot machine Out and open it. Now the 10 free spins will be displayed immediately without a deposit and you can start playing. If the 10 free spins are only approved for a specific slot machine, of course open it.
  • Press your fingers crossed and hope for a win.

What are the conditions for the 10 free spins without a deposit?

As mentioned above, the bonus conditions are one of the three decisive criteria for how valuable a 10 free spins are.

It is important to understand that the bonus conditions are not intended to make life difficult for them. The bonus conditions are there that nobody can move from casino to casino to just loot the bonuses. Of course, this does not apply, but you know yourself, there are always a few black sheep that would take advantage of such an opportunity immediately.

That is why the online casinos have introduced a few rules with the bonus conditions that ensure that this bonus is only used for its original purpose. Namely, to bring the casino and its services closer to interested new customers.

So if you win some real money with the 10 free spins, you must first meet the bonus conditions before you can have it paid out. The conditions of these bonus conditions vary from Casino to Casino.

So before you choose a bonus from our list, it makes sense to take a look at the respective bonus conditions. And so that you also know what you should pay attention to when reading the bonus conditions, we are now presenting the most relevant points.

Sales request (Wagering)

If you have won some money with the 10 free spins, you have to free it first before it really belongs to you. To do this, you have to set the sum obtained again x times, only then will the sales request be met. How often you have to put the sum obtained varied from Casino to Casino.

Simply remember: a small sales request (Wagering) is better than a larger one.

Validity period

Most bonuses have a limited validity. And not only that, but also for fulfilling the sales requirement there is often a specified time frame. Pay attention to these time limits, otherwise the free spins or the profits from the free spins.

Deposit required?

In many cases, you must first make a deposit (deposit) before the profit can be paid out of the 10 free spins. Of course, this deposit of money and the resulting profits are no longer subject to the bonus conditions.

Bonus Codes

If you have chosen a bonus from our list that contains a bonus code, you must enter it at some point in the course of the registration process. This can be during registration, but also only afterwards if you want to activate the bonus.

If a bonus code is required for the free spins without a deposit, it is clearly visible directly with the offer in our list. So if a bonus code does not immediately catch your eye, you don't need any.

Usable games

In principle, the 10 free spins without a deposit only apply to slot machines. Depending on the bonus offer, it may also be that the free spins are only valid in a single, certain slot machine. However, this can then be seen in the bonus offer.

If the free spins can be used for any slot machine without a deposit, there are often some exceptions that you can only read in the bonus conditions. For example, jackpot slots are usually excluded from the 10 free spins bonus. Sometimes games with an extremely high profit distribution (RTP) cannot be used with the premium.

Don't worry, if you accidentally call up such a slot, nothing can happen. You will only find that this slot is blocked for you.

Payouts: this must be observed

Well, you have won something and now it is time to collect. But profits from the 10 free spins are not as easy to pay as profits with self -paid money.

The most important thing is that you have fully met all bonus conditions.

Then the payment goes quickly and easily.

  • In the casino, look at what payout options are available and choose a suitable one.
  • Contact the banking area of the online casino or the support chat and apply for the payment.
  • The casino will now inquire about which account or e-wallet you want to have transferred the money.
  • Enter the desired account/the desired wallet. You may have to verify yourself again.
  • That was it, the money is already on the road.

Important: It happens every now and then that you have to use the same provider for the deposits and withdrawals. If necessary, include the choice of your payment provider.

It depends on these restrictions

It is new for the 10 free spins without a deposit that some e-wallets are not approved for the payment of bonus gains. It can also happen that transaction fees are calculated for certain payment methods. Find out about this in the terms and conditions or bonus conditions or simply ask support live chat.

Really worth 10 free spins without a deposit?

As a real insider tip, the 10 free spins without a deposit are new to many. With the 10 free spins, you have the opportunity to get to know various online casinos under real conditions. In our list you will only find offers of serious casinos with good reputation.

Take your time and try more than just a casino from our list. You will see that every casino has its own, very individual charm.

Frequently asked questions about 10 free spins without a deposit

Can you win in a casino with 10 free spins?

Any rotation can lead to a profit. To increase your chances, you can select machines with low volatility.

Can you get the 10 free spins without deposit several times?

Not in the same casino. You are only entitled once for this bonus per casino. However, you can use any number of offers from our list.

Do I have to read the bonus conditions?

It is best to always read the bonus conditions in order not to miss any important points.

Can I continue playing with the win?

After you have met the sales requirements, you can have the profit paid out or continue to play with it. Then this money is like a money paid off, so it is no longer subject to the bonus conditions.